‘The Shamrock’, Chef Knife with Wood and Resin Handle

‘The Shamrock’, Chef Knife with Wood and Resin Handle


This knife is hand forged by Luka Scannell from a specialty high carbon steel to ensure the highest quality edge retention. The handle is comprised of wood from a fishing boat wreck is west cork named ‘ the shamrock’ with seaweed from around the boat cast in resin around the wood. The reproduction of the boat can still be found in use around west corks waters.

The handle features an old nail from the boat preserved in the handle. The wood has been stabilised with a special resin to fortify the once weak wood rotted from years of sitting in the mud. The blade has been left with a forged finish but sharpened with precision to ensure the edge’s durability and sharpness.

8 inch blade with a 6 inch handle.

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